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Club Memberships

Why you need to become a golf club member

You’ve tried golf and liked it – so what’s the next step? First, Welcome! We are thrilled to have you aboard. As you’ve seen by checking all of the activities available at Beau Rivage Golf Resort there are lots of ways to benefit from a golf membership. The most significant benefits are bigger after becoming club members. You will find a hundred people who swear you need to choose the best Golf Resort in North Carolina. And you will find a myriad of reasons for this.

The advantages of joining a golf club are extensive and include:

  • Developing life-long friendships
  • Enjoying the social camaraderie
  • The ability to play in competitions or just for fun.
  • Ability to freely access the course
  • A meeting place for family and friends
  • Contributing to a healthier community

Joining a team helps give you access to preferred tee times and the ability to invite guests for social or business purposes. There’s no better spot to seal a deal. Or to have an official handicap that lets you play with other players in the tournament that you always dreamed to play in for years.

And one of many most significant features of golf club memberships can be your ability in the future to come and go as you please. Then there’s the club itself. Practice facilities are a boon for those keen to lessen their handicap, with many free to members. There’s no more comfortable place to meet up with new people, than in the warm environment inside your clubhouse with a familiar atmosphere, recognizable faces. Cheaper food and beverage prices are part of the unsung benefits.

And always remember the club pro. Striking a good relationship with the one who can shave shots off your score is invaluable. Lessons with the same person are the right way to track your progress. He or she might even be able to point you in the best direction of clubs best suited to your game. Who knows? They could also be ready to lend you some sticks. So you can try them on your home course, where you realize what’s required to get your game to that particular next level.

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Break Free Form Your Typical Private – Club Offering

Beau Rivage Golf Club memberships deliver the best of both worlds – private course conditions with the value of a semi-private facility. The golf course and a limited selection of social and recreational amenities are open to the general public for a daily fee, helping to keep our annual membership dues as affordable as possible. We make it easy to be a member – no assessments, forced spending minimums or long contracts – just a beautiful golf course groomed to the highest standards and a full range of amenities and services set in a relaxed, friendly resort atmosphere. As a family-run establishment, you have our personal commitment to provide you the best experience at the best value.

Unsurpassed Value In The Greater Wilmington Area

Ready for a refreshingly unique golf experience? Get the most bang for your buck by becoming a member of the Beau Rivage Golf Club. You’ll find unbeatable playing privileges, rewarding perks, unmatched hospitality, and life-long friends at a place you’ll be proud to call home. Join today and become a part of the Cape Fear tradition!

Laid-Back Coastal Retreat With Something For Everyone

Not a golfer? Not a problem… Resort memberships and recreational passes are available at Beau Rivage for those interested in driving range passes, tennis passes and seasonal pool passes.

For more information, call Jake Walker at 910.392.9021 x.6 or fill out a memberships contact form.

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