Beau Rivage hosts a variety of golf events throughout the year, including those reserved specifically for Golf Club Members, tournaments open to the general public and some outings that are by invitation only. Click on each event for more information!

Date Name of Event Eligibility
February 4 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Super Bowl 9-Hole Scramble OPEN TO ALL
February 14 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Valentine Nine & Wine Outing OPEN TO ALL
February 16 (6:00PM) 2018 BRGC Winter Glow Golf Outing OPEN TO ALL
February 24 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Member-Staff Scramble Members + Staff
March 10 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA Annual Kickoff Tournament BRMGA Members
March 24 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Winter Lone-Wolf Tournament OPEN TO ALL
April 4 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Masters Par-3 Challenge OPEN TO ALL
April 7 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA Over The Hill v. Young Studs BRMGA Members
April 15 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC True Alternate Shot Tournament * Club Members
April 20 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Couples 9-Hole Captain’s Choice OPEN TO ALL
April 28 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA President’s Cup Kickoff BRMGA Members
May 5 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Cinco De Mayo 9-Hole Outing OPEN TO ALL
May 20 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Texas Scramble Tournament * Club Members
May 26 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Spring Stableford Tournament OPEN TO ALL
May 28 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Memorial Day 9-Hole Outing OPEN TO ALL
June 2 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA Texas Scramble Tournament BRMGA Members
June 9 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA President’s Cup Finals (Finalists) BRMGA Members
June 10 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Beau Rivage Plantation Cup Club Members
June 23-24 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA Member-Member Tournament BRMGA Members
July 4 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Stars & Stripes 9-Hole Outing OPEN TO ALL
July 15 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Member-Member Tournament * Club Members
July 21 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Ladies Chippendale Invitational OPEN TO ALL
July 28 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Summertime 6-6-6 Tournament OPEN TO ALL
August 4-5 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Beau Rivage Member Cup Club Members
August 17 (8:00PM) 2018 BRGC Summer Night Flight Outing OPEN TO ALL
August 25 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Port City Open Tournament OPEN TO ALL
September 2 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Easy Day on the Links * Club Members
September 16 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Sadie Hawkins Tournament OPEN TO ALL
September 21-23 (TBD) 2018 BRMGA Member-Guest Shootout BRMGA Members
September 30 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Championship Tournament * Club Members
October 7 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Oktoberfest Nine & Dine OPEN TO ALL
October 13-14 (9:00AM) 2018 BRMGA Championship Tournament BRMGA Members
October 27 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Fall Classic Tournament OPEN TO ALL
October 31 (2:30PM) 2018 BRGC Spooky 9-Hole Scramble OPEN TO ALL
November 4 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC November Turkey Shoot OPEN TO ALL
November 18 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Tough Day On The Links * Club Members
November 22 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Thanksgiving Day Shotgun OPEN TO ALL
Deember 2 (11:00AM) 2018 BRGC Player of the Year Shootout Club Members (Top 10's)
December 16 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC Superintendent’s Revenge OPEN TO ALL
December 31 (9:00AM) 2018 BRGC New Year Resolutions Outing OPEN TO ALL


* = Competitive Golf Club Tournaments (POTY Points Awarded to Compete in December's Top 10 Shootout)

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